The advanced technologies are varied and complicate for security aspects of designs, especially in a customized system. Since counterfeits exist everywhere and are getting smarter, technologies presented and listed here are just some for references, others are non-disclosure for protection of ideas.

Below are the aspects of technology evaluation which are presented in the radar chart.

Advanced Intaglio Process

Intaglio printing with security features utilized by countries worldwide to produce currency notes , passports and etc, has been used against counterfeits for more than hundred years. Our knowledge and expertise in intaglio printing have successfully extended its applications in security policies.

1. Designed Latent Image

This is a basic application of intaglio printing utilizing the relief feature to design the image consisting of tiny vertical and horizontal lines that can only be observed at the right angle to effectively prevent from counterfeiting to certain extend.

2. Micro-letter and Guilloches

This is an unique design to do multi-color printing in one intaglio press with no deviation that can even be inspected under a high power magnifier. So far currency notes have been mostly done in two to four colors, but with a special mechanical design, we can do up to 8 colors.

The height of the micro-letter indicates the technical competence in plate making and printing. Screen printing may imitate relief printing, but not micro-printing that is even harder to replicate if the height of micro-letters is as 0.2mm-0.3mm.


3. Designed Transitory Image

This is a 3-dimensional design integrating unique process, special ink and specific pressure of intaglio printing under accurate control of the height, angles and color of ink stacking to produce the effect of 2-4 different images in the same spot can be observed from various angles.

4. Structural Latent Image

A simple lines structured design utilizes the intaglio feature of relief patterns with at least 60μm height of ink stacking

5. Structural Optical variability

This is derived from structural latent image integrated with 3-dimensional design and special process to come out the optical effect of color shifting of the image which is visible under oblique angles when illuminated.

6. Structural Transitory images

This technology is under the process of patent application, and is T-security's newest technology of the next generation with the word height of higher than 70μm .This advanced technology is ahead of the world's national currency printer. When viewed under different angle, different image can be observed.

Incoherent Holography Process

Hologram application in currency notes has been the trend for recent decades, since it is one of a few processes (such as DNA, Quantum effects and etc) that is hard to replicate. Furthermore human eyes are good inspection tools in optics. Digital hologram is even better than traditional in the aspect of recognition and has been widely applied to passports, credit cards and so on, We believe resolution and optic mechanism are the main indexes identify the hologram.

1. Lens

T-Security is the first company use the real digital holographic technique to make the image show lens alike reflection. We make it not only in various sizes, also with a choice of lens (concave or convex) and colors which can be easily inspected by human naked eyes.

2. 20μm Micro-letter

This is the technology use of high resolution (more than 30000 dpi) and high-tech process to hide the diffraction-based micro letter (about 20~100μm) in graphics. The micro letter can be effectively inspected with a simple tool.

3. Holographic Stereogram

Based on its advanced technology, T-security easily duplicate the color 3D stereogram in motion, a threshold extremely difficult for traditional holography and very few around the world can overcome.

Combining with other visual effects easily inspected, T-security keeps staying at the forefront among security holograms originators.

4. Reflections

As the next generation of optical technology T-Security's, Reflections process is credited with colorfulness and 3D random animation, an incredible visual effect like Transformers”. It will open a new era of security related business.

Optical Microstructure Process

Optical Micro-structure process is the main trend in the field of anti-counterfeit and security control, also an important option for bank notes of next generation. There are only 3-5 companies worldwide having the ability or potential to develop it. This process utilizes the basic feature of light to make the effect can be easily inspected by human eyes, unlike those 2D or 3D images generated based on holographic interference of light.

1. T-Zoom Image

T-zoom technique is one of T-Security’s pocket technologies. Its optical mechanism is similar to the mechanism used in US dollar notes of next generation.

2. Micro-lenses Stacking

This new process was developed in early 2008, utilizing millions of micro-lenses to form a unique image as designed showing crystal like reflection.

Functional Specific Process

There are limitations or inadequacies in all processes of security control. In addition, anti-counterfeit and security control covers various aspects which are broad and complicate, so functional specific process is indispensable for anti-counterfeit solutions.

1. Security Thread

Security thread is embedded in the paper and is an important security feature of many bank notes to protect against counterfeiting. Its most prominent feature is that it can be integrated with other variety of security features, such as miniature characters, UV, magnetic, optical functions and so on, to greatly strengthen its security features.

2. Watermark

Watermark is an impressed image on paper with various thickness. When the watermark is held against light, it appears various shade lightness/darkness. However, watermark's security feature is weak due to the easy replicated by printing.


3. Intelligent Stickers

The intelligent sticker is used for anti-unseal and anti-false. Its security feature is not strong due to the low technical threshold but its functionality is good. It can be an effective product if integrated with other mechanism with stronger security feature.


4. T-Moire effect

This is a special effect in which a small covert text can be viewable with a special optical film.


5. Low frequency effect

This is a typical functional specific process to make specific text invisible on the substrate and it can be visualized with a tool of low-frequency electromagnetic wave.


6. High frequency effect

This is a complicate technical process which is very difficult to counterfeit. Various texts can be hidden and reconstructed with high-frequency electromagnetic wave.


7. Phosphorescence

The light energy is saved on the process and released when the substrate is not illuminated. With the different material the released light energy will last differently from 5 seconds to 25 hours. This is an effective security feature thatgoes well with the intaglio printing.


8. Thermal Sensitivity

The color of intaglio printing changes as the temperature changes. It can be efficiently used as thermal control.