Customizable Anti-counterfeit and Security Control with our advanced technologies and expertise that span from security printing to internal control, we have been providing cost effective solutions in the market with quality products and services.

Product Authentication

  • To protect your brand from reputation damage due to brand fraud.
  • To validate product authenticity when there is a problem of counterfeiting.
  • To protect products from being falsified by vendors.
  • To protect authorizer's royalty against counterfeits.
  • To protect bank cheque, bonds and other kind of securities from forgery.
  • To protect valuable documents from forgery.
  • To protect certified institutes from falsely claimed.

Sales Protection

  • To effectively control multi-level marketing
  • To prevent channel conflict
  • To prevent distributors from selling fakes
  • To prevent distributors from breaking your pricing rules
  • To alleviate price impact from parallel input
  • To verify if products are delivered according to humidity or temper requirements

After-Sales Assurance

  • To prevent customers from buying genuine and returning fakes
  • To prevent distributors from buying genuine and returning fakes
  • To avoid products from being sealed off or valuable parts being exchanged
  • To verify if renters did not take your machine apart against the contract
  • To identify stock level at dealer side
  • To verify if the returns are in improper usage
  • To validate products authenticity are under warranty

Internal Control

  • To prevent unauthorized copy of internal classified documents
  • To prevent a possible internal classified product theft
  • To prevent a possible internal identity theft
  • To handle visitors' security related equipment without dispute (ex. Laptop, Camera and etc.)
  • To track products' flow against missing products
  • To ensure dispose of waste as required.
  • To help manage vehicles and personnel under shift